Give Your Customers a Gift!

An iGiftBag is an interactive, virtual gift bag featuring rich-media Gifts from local and national sponsors. Event participants will receive access to an iGiftBag via an email invite from this event.

These ad-supported digital Gifts could include online gift cards and codes, valued industry expert tips and content, fun online games and secure digital coupons, among others. iGiftBag gifts include viral and social media features to enable recipients to share offers with their friends.

See the Event Summary page for more information on the sponsorship rates and delivery schedule for this event's iGiftBag.

An Innovative New Ad Platform: Higher Click-Thrus & Higher Engagement's interactive rich-media display platform includes mobile SMS gift and coupon capabilities, iPhone app distribution and real-time analytical reporting for you to see how your gift is doing during a campaign.

With a placement within an iGiftBag, you should achieve higher click-through rates of the iGiftBag's rich media ads and higher-quality engagement with your brands than other advertising formats often deliver. Few marketing tactics better surprise and delight customers, forge deeper relationships, foster brand loyalty and heighten their brand experience than a gift. That is the power, premise and promise of the iGiftBag.

The Gifts

Here are a few Gift formats for you to consider for this event's iGiftBag. Click an icon to see real Gifts from local and national sponsors of previous event iGiftBags:

Digital Coupons

Digital coupons from local and national retailers or business services that can be downloaded, printed or sent as SMS text coupons and redeemed provide a direct, targeted marketing tool to encourage event registrants to try your products and services. Learn More

Premium Digital Content

Give event participants access to sponsored premium and exclusive media content such as fitness, business or lifestyle videos, PDF books, audio books, among other formats. This can also include online access to business or consumer services to test or use.

Gift Codes and Cards

Sponsors can use this event iGiftBag to directly target event registrants with gift codes to use a service and digital cards and certificates that promote online, retail or business services purchases at a discount.

How-To Information

Combine your offer with useful and exclusive how-to information such as educational content, recipes, self-help, lifestyle, business, fitness tips, restaurant or tourist guides, among others, in easy-to-use digital formats.

Online Games and Sweepstakes

By providing iGiftBag recipients with sponsored trivia games, sweepstakes, Instant win games, among others, you are able to associate your brand with fun, engaging game experiences that are blended with a high quality interactive partner messaging/theme. has developed games in-house and partners with third-party casual game developers to offer a suite of game offerings for your consideration.

Access to New Web Tools, Widgets and Applications

The iGiftBag platform enables partners to distribute fun and useful mobile apps, Web widgets and applications.